New Pinball Machine

So I have not been posting lately as I have been very busy!  I got ANOTHER PIN!  Last week I picked up a Stern Sopranos.  It needed some work.  This machine was vended in a few places and was in need of some TLC.  It needed rubbers BADLY as well as a complete cleaning.  I took off most of the plastics, ramps and everything to give it a good scrub and wax.  Desperately needed a flipper job, slingshots did not work, and the pop bumpers were sticking as they were so filthy.  The good thing was the boards are CLEAN!  This is one of the first machines that I did not need to do any electronics on.  I guess the 2000’s machines are more stable that way, or perhaps they just have not aged out that much.

Posting images soon!

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