Monte Carlo Update

I have been really busy lately and have not had much time to post on the site.  I have been on vacation for a bit.  Now that I am back it is time to get working on the Monte Carlo Gottlieb that I have been returning to working order.  This machine was STRIPPED of most of its boards, needed a display, sound board, and a new power supply.  The driver board had all sorts of issues and the processor was TOAST!  Someone had done some really interesting play-field wiring on it that was all wrong.

After isolating the issues in the play-field and replacing most of the driver board it was time to look for an MPU replacement.  It was tough but I did find a board from Fred Swemmer that worked like a champ!  With this working the play-field, wheel, and all the ramps and lights are working again.  I bought a used display and am waiting to put in the sound board to make it complete.

Flippers are not quite working right, not sure what was wrong there until I looked under and found that one of them was using the wrong coil, replaced that and all is well.  Why would someone not order the right item and put such a different part in, the flipper was not reseting, it is not like “it works move on”.  Did a complete flipper rebuild on it and it is working like a champ now.

I will get some detailed pictures once I am complete and show all of the changes that were needed as well as a video if I have time.

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